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Global Tech LED

Global Tech LED is a LED lighting and manufacturing company specializing in LED Retrofit Kits and New Fixtures for Commercial and Industrial Lighting Applications. Global Tech LED strives for excellence through quality and innovation. Their Solstice® LED modules are rated for 100,000 hours of performance, outstanding thermal management, current control, and customizability. The Solstice® LED modules are fully customizable using custom optics, wattage choices, seven color temperatures, and four mounting options which, combined, provide the perfect light distribution for any application. In addition, their retrofits are DLC approved in various wattages and in various categories, making them qualified for rebates and incentives.

Global Tech LED was the first in creating a High-Mast and High Bay LED replacement product and first to manufacture and incorporate smart-chip technology which protects the modules and helps ensure long life. Located in Bonita Springs, FL, Global Tech LED is committed to providing an unparalleled standard of excellence backed by a 10 year Guarantee including a selection of high quality products at the most affordable prices.

Global Tech LED

Simply Universal

High Bay Retrofit System

Global Tech LED is the Leader in American Made LED modules for retrofitting HID light fixtures. The only multi module kit which universally fits high bay and high mast fixtures including those with prismatic refractors. The kit comes with Solstice® LED modules, drivers, and the threaded rod mounting system all pre-assembled. The threaded rod is connected to the fixture using a proprietary mounting method. This retrofit is among the simplest to install in a fixture. The modules are mounted at the base of the threaded rod on a small plate, which gives the ability to add an angle to the modules and produce up-light for fixtures with prismatic refractors.

Parking Garage LED Retrofit System

The Global Tech LED Wireless Controller can work with photocells, motion sensors, or other accessories to create an extra level of customizability. With this system, motion on the first floor can ramp the lights to 100% on that floor only. When the car reaches the second floor, those lights would then ramp. Using a photocell the LED parking garage lights can turn on and off automatically upon nightfall

Universal LED Flood Plate Install

How to install the 1X 5498 Universal Flood Plate into a flood fixture. This is the same process used for all Universal Flood Plates.

Universal LED Post Top Install

How to install the Universal Post Top Retrofit into a post top fixture.

Universal LED High Bay Install

How to install the 1X 5498 Universal High Bay Plate into a flood fixture. This is the same process used for all Universal High Bay Plates.

LED Motion Sensor

Case Studies

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