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Providing substantial savings and carbon emission reduction

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Green Creative.

GREEN CREATIVE offers a full range of LED lamps and fixtures such as PARs, BRs, A19s, MR16s, downlight kits, decorative lights and T8s to answer most interior lighting needs. Committed to keeping large levels of inventory, GREEN CREATIVE has two fulfillment centers: Northern California and North Jersey to guarantee quick national distribution.

GREEN CREATIVE develops and produces high quality retrofit solutions for the commercial market. They are committed to continuously improving the lighting output, efficacy and reliability of their complete line so that their customers are always supplied with the best available solutions. GREEN CREATIVE deliberately limits its product offering to only relevant one to one retrofit energy efficient solutions that provide substantial savings and carbon emission reduction.

The Illuminating Engineering Society selected all five submissions from GREEN CREATIVE for the prestigious 2014 Progress Report which showcases unique and innovative products significant to the lighting industry. GREEN CREATIVE strives to meet the industry’s most stringent standards and counts over 50 ENERGY STAR, DLC or CEC qualified products. The company has become one of the most trusted brands in the commercial market and continues supplying energy efficient lighting solutions to industry leaders in retail, hospitality, office, art/museum, education and healthcare.

Mission Statement: Providing substantial savings and carbon emission reduction

According to the US Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for 23% of the commercial sector’s total electricity consumption. As energy demands increase, the energy production required to power our buildings will expand our carbon footprint and weigh heavily on the planet.

Traditional lighting sources such as incandescent and halogen contribute to high energy usage and high monthly electric bills. GREEN CREATIVE provides state of the art solid state lighting solutions that reduce our carbon footprint and lower our electricity, maintenance and cooling bills. In addition, GREEN CREATIVE lights do not contain Mercury or any other harmful substance.

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