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International Light Technologies

International Light’s LED Lighting Division s and manufactures CaseLight LED Cooler Lights for refrigerated/freezer display cases, Horizontal CaseLights for open case lighting, and the ultra slim Illuminated product line of LED fixtures for under cabinet and task lighting. ILT, can provide Custom Product Solutions as well. International Light’s LED Signage Division s and manufactures Summit, Ascent and SideView LED sign modules for use in illuminated signs, LED Sign Module Power Supplies, and a full line of Flexible LED Light Strips for specialized signage, general accent and cove lighting applications. Gilway Technical Lamp, a leading manufacturer and distributor of technical light sources and systems, and International Light, a leading manufacturer of light measurement equipment, have recently combined resources and operations at one facility in Peabody, Massachusetts (USA). With over 50 YEARS in the light measurement business, ILT combines technical lighting and light measurement expertise to provide products and services that shine. Motto: "Do whatever it takes to meet our Customers' needs!"