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What's your water footprint? Stop water damage before it occurs

Water Controllers

The Water Controller by Hydrocom™ stops leaks before they occur.

Every year over $11 billion is spent fixing water damaged homes. People turn their lights off when they leave their homes to save money, so why not turn your water off and save more. Water damage is the number one insurance claim in America. Stop water damage before it occurs.

The Control Panel displays water usage which supports water awareness and conservation

Water rationing is becoming a reality, and the Water Controller by Hydrocom™ is a valuable conservation tool. Everyone needs to conserve and control their water consumption. If you are aware of how much water is being used, then it is easy to see how much water and money can be saved.

How it Works………

  • The controller receives information from the flow sensor. If you exceed the programmed maximum continuous flow setting, the controller communicates this to the valve. By monitoring flow, the system can detect small leaks that may not be visible.
  • Sensors located in strategic areas also monitor moisture content and communicate with the controller.
  • The controller receives information from the flow sensors and communicates with the shut-off valve.
  • The sensors also detect temperature. In the event that the inside of your home reaches 40 degrees for more than 20 minutes, this information is sent to the controller, and this is also communicated with the valve. In case of power outage, the entire system is backed up by batteries.
  • The Water Controller can interface with multiple alarm systems
  • Many insurance companies offer premium discounts with the installation of a Water Controller. Please contact your insurance company or agent to see if this applies to your policy.